Posted by: markkarpinski | April 27, 2010

Prairie Hollow Gorge Missouri

Images from Saturday at Prairie Hollow Gorge Missouri, the weather forecast finally called for some spring rain as it has been dry for the past two weeks here in Missouri and I really needed some fresh rain to be able to get the spring runoff in some of  the box canyons here in the Ozarks so I decided to head down to the National Scenic River Ways near Eminence Missouri because I have been wanting to check out Prairie Hollow Gorge for some time now so Saturday was the time to go.

Prairie Hollow Gorge is a very narrow box canyon with 100+ foot vertical walls and you either have to take the overlook trail at the top or hike up through the stream which means you have to walk through the water the whole time because the gorge is so narrow, therefore it has no banks to walk on and then you have to traverse a couple technical rock scrambles to get up stream. So I opted for the up stream trail just for the advantage of better close of photography of the hollow and I wanted to go the fun way.

For the up creek hike you park where Prairie Hollow Creek crosses the road way, just before the stream crossing there is place to the left where you can park a couple of cars (driving directions to here have been posted below the images). Park here and the trail head is across the road on the right side of the creek and goes upstream about an eighth of mile and then you reach the narrow shut-in section which then there is no more trail and you must traverse straight up the creek to continue on. The dangerous part of it is that the rocks were some of the slickest I have ever seen and I have seen some slick rocks in my day so you must be very careful in this hollow!

Wish I encountered a little bit more water flow but it was just starting to catch up from the two weeks of previous dry weather.

Click here for my Spot Adventure Page on Prairie Hollow Gorge Missouri

Canon 5D mkll with Olympus Zuiko 35mm Shift lens. This is the view looking down the first narrow section of Prairie Hollow Gorge, you have complete vertical walls on either side of you. The only way up is straight through the creek.

Canon 5D mkll with Canon 24mm TS-E lens. Some of the first cascades you encounter entering Prairie Hollow Gorge.

Canon 5D mkll with Nikon 18mm Ais lens. One of the many great cascading waterfalls that you will find in Prairie Hollow Gorge Missouri.

Canon 5D mkll with Olympus Zuiko 35mm shift lens. The large boulders create a really neat cascading waterfall, this would be an excellent sight to see during extreme high water!

If you ever decide to check out Prairie Hollow after a good rain be very careful if you decide to do the up creek hike but have fun and enjoy this great Missouri gem 

Directions to Prairie Hollow Gorge Missouri: From Eminence Missouri take Hwy 106 East until your reach State Hwy V which is will be one your left.  Take Hwy V north for a mile or two until you pass the National Scenic Rivers sign and make a right on the gravel country road just after the sign.  Note you will sill a sign on this road that says “Private” but you can continued down this country road for about an eighth of mile to the confirmed national park access parking on the left hand side right before the stream crossing.


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